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Make the most of data and sentiment analysis in multiple languages and across various platforms for your brand and your competition with AIM’s social media analytics tools.

How AIM Insights helps your brand grow

Analyze multilingual content

  • 1- Arabic (including 12 Arabic dialects + Franco Arab)
  • 2- English
  • 3- French
  • 4- German
  • 5- Spanish
  • 6- Italian
  • 7- Portuguese
  • 8- Emojis

One social media analytics tool for multiple platforms

Uncover detailed insights and social media analytics across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Track Engagement

This includes impressions, reactions, engagement, and potential reach. Plus analyze and track comments by social media users and your moderators.

Sentiment analysis tool for news

Capture brand sentiment for news coverage by examining how users react to news and announcements about your brand via social media.

AIM Insights analyzes comments using AI and natural language processing (NLP) and classifies them into positive, negative, and neutral.

Brand Score

Use AIM Insights to understand your Net Sentiment Score (NSS)The NSS is an index that provides a summary of your positive and negative scores and the intensity of each – all in one place.

Intent & Drivers


Uncover the intent behind comments on your social media platforms using NLP and AI. AIM Insights classifies intent into buy, satisfied, inquiry, complain, and churn.


AIM Insights’ sentiment drivers take sentiment analysis a step further by categorizing social media comments into reasons and topics. Drivers assign different keywords for each topic/reason.


Split drivers into sub-drivers by creating sub-topics and assigning different keywords for each.


Customize real-time alerts for your brand and clients by using certain keywords and terms to flag alarming posts as soon as they are published. With social media monitoring and listening tech, emails will be delivered in real-time to your pre-defined list of emails.


Evaluate your social media moderation team’s performance and pinpoint customer pain points.

Use, manage, and benefit from social media ad visualization, views, and analysis.

Stay top-of-mind with our social media listening tool/Build better relationships with our social media listening tool

Track and analyze social media sentiment through all kinds of engagements, reactions, and conversations across social media. Whether it’s for your brand, products and services, or even public figures, easily customize AIM Insights to your needs.

Analyze your audience and their reactions in multiple languages. AIM’s Arabic social media analytics tool will help you understand your various audiences all at once by analyzing data in up to 12 Arabic dialects.

Use our sentiment analysis tool to understand your audience and how they react to your brand so you can tweak your content to better engage your audience and grow your share of voice.

Brand Dashboard:

Review your social media activities and uncover customer behavior towards your brand.

Competitive Dashboard:

Get an in-depth analysis for your brand vs. your competition in a single visual dashboard.

Intent Dashboard:

Review classifications of customer intentions based on subjective information and data extracted online (Buy, churn, complaint, satisfaction, enquiry).

Posts Dashboard:

Analyze sentiments and reactions on a post-by-post basis for all your social media platforms.

Competitive Dashboard:

Get an in-depth analysis for your brand vs. your competition in a single visual dashboard.

Facebook Ads Dashboard:

Use AIM’s dedicated dashboard to review ad visualization, interactions, views and analysis.

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  • Egyptian Food Bank
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  • Mindshare
  • MOIC
  • Udacity
  • Vodafone
  • Wunderman Thompson
  • Edita
  • NielsenIQ
  • NBE
  • Kazyon

Different packages catering for enterprizes and brands of all scales

Choose the package that fits your brand’s objective and goals the most and if you’re hesitant, our sales team can help you out with that.


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