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An AI online market research platform

enabling you to collect all the data you need through surveys without going through the long stressful cycle with high efficiency in a short period.

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Overcoming industry challenges

“New technologies have created profound changes in lifestyle. Not only do people communicate and interact in different ways, but also companies have a new array of methods to reach their customers. The landscape has grown far more complex than ever before.”

How can AIM Research offer a great benefit for your brand?

  • Speed

    Get quick and efficient surveys to help your business understand market in days or hours.

  • A customized questionnaire design tool

    With the opportunity to create libraries for questions, questionnaires, and other options to store your data.

  • Reach & targeting

    Reach various market segments and geographies through online/social media targeting.

  • Online survey options

    Covering quote control, quality control, and incentives.

  • Real-time dashboards and a data visualization portal

    To support your data needs and your analysis.

  • Positive ROI

    Generate more revenues and create new revenue streams.

  • Efficiency

    Increase efficiency through self-administrated surveys & fully automated processes.

  • Quality

    Focus on and analyze insights and add value to extracted answers from surveys

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