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A multi-lingual, real-time, analytics-based tool to drive your brand forward

Using AIM Insights, you can analyze and understand how customers act and react towards your brand and your competitors through sentiment analysis.

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How can AIM Insights offer a great benefit for your brand?

  • Engagement Analysis:

    Measure social media engagement to find out whether users find value in your product or service.

  • Content Analysis:

    Analyze your brand’s content on social media to see what drives people to take actions.

  • Audience Analysis:

    Get insights on your audience growth rate to build your customer persona.

  • International Benchmark:

    Benchmark against your competition and know your share of voice.

  • Multiple data sources:

    Supports multiple platforms for your brand and for your competition (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram).

  • Multiple language coverage:

    Offers 7 languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. In addition, we offer 12 Arabic dialects and Franco-Arab with 85% accuracy.

  • Smart filtration:

    Able to filter by date, brand, platform, keywords everywhere in the AIM Insights tool.

  • Unlimited historical data:

    Unlimited data extraction for current and historical data.

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Social Listening allows to monitor, track and analyze

Social listening is the process that allows you to monitor, track and analyze different engagement reactions and conversations on social media about the brand, competitors, product, public figures...etc.

With AIM Insights, you'll be able to see who is reacting to what and if your efforts are translating into better engagement or if they are driving customers away.

  • Engagement tracking

    Track engagement and interactions for your business and your competitors across social media.

  • Sentiment analysis

    Analyze and understand how customers feel through sentiment analysis for your brands and your competition.

  • Keep up with mentions

    See who is mentioning you and your competition and what they are saying? Mentions data helps you stay ahead of crises and negative news.

  • Skip the Guesswork

    You'll no longer what your competitors are doing or thinking. You'll be the first to know through social media listening.

  • Know your customer

    Capture customers intent whether they are asking to(buy, satisfied, complain, inquiry).

  • Handle multiple accounts

    Save time and effort when you handle multiple clients and increase the efficiency of your team so you can enjoy a positive ROI.

Different packages catering for enterprizes and brands of all scales

Choose the package that fits your brand’s objective and goals the most and if you’re hesitant, our sales team can help you out with that.


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