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Familiarize yourself with social media listening tool and ensure that you can stay ahead of your competitors and increase your ROI.

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Stand out from your competition with AIM Technologies:

Using artificial intelligence, we present variety of tools to stay ahead of your competitors, understand customer’s feedback, answer your clients’ questions in seconds with our chatbot as it feels 100% human, plus our research tool can help you uncover the data your brand needs before launching your campaign.

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How does it work?

Extract social media data:

Using direct integration with social platforms API’s.

Analyze using deep learning & AI:

Analyzing feedback, andknow intent behind each comment.

Provide detailed reports:

Categorize analyzed data using dashboards & visualization tools.


AIM Insights

We will help you analyze your brand, your competitor’s brands, and connect with potential customers through our sentiment analysis tool.

  • With AIM Insights, you'll have a ton of data and information to help you make accurate and timely decisions for your brand and your customers.
  • Monitor topics, hashtags, mentions, email notifications, and customer feedback, which helps stay ahead of crises. All monitoring is available through real-time alerts, with the ability to customize alerts using keywords.
  • Select the best influencers for your brand.
  • Understand and measure customer sentiment to see what drives people to take action and what doesn't, what makes them excited to engage with your customers and what doesn't.
  • Monitor emotional connections, feedback, news, and negative news about your business and your clients.
  • Get insights in 7 languages as well as 12 Arabic dialects and Franco-Arab.

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You want your customers to feel like you’re with them 24/7. But that's not humanly possible, It’s easier with an AI-powered chatbot.

  • Fast & efficient high accuracy in understanding multiple languages including Arabic, Franco Arab, and regional dialects.
  • Captures and handles the inquiries, comments and identifies the intent comments.
  • Respond to public comments based on the conversational flow.
  • Ability to pass on requests to call center agents.
  • Available on all social media platforms.

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AIM Research

Businesses rely on data. But not all data is good. With AIM Research, you'll get the data that matters most to your business and to your market.

  • Giving you the ability to turn-around projects in days or hours without going through any hustle.
  • Self-administrated surveys & fully automated processes to get the most accurate and efficient data that’s free of any human errors.
  • Making you able to reach various market profiles, segments & geographies through online/social media targeting.
  • Expanding the scale of research without significant effect on time & resources.

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Customer stories

“AIM Insights has helped us across different business angles; from social media listening to crisis management to business reviews. We are very impressed not only with the solution-based product but most importantly,the management and team with their exceptional market experience. They are highly trained, professional, and supportive.”

Riham ElSawy

Managing Director

Customer stories

“AIM Insights have proven to be a great enabler for us to follow our strategy as a truly customer centric organization. It proved a great usability in keeping the highest customer engagement through accurately gauging the effectiveness of our marketing activities and to spot on any issue early enough to take relevant actions. We have been using AIM Insights for quite some time now and it has shown great dependability across our different functions; marketing, communications, customer services and operation.”

Ahmed Mandour

Head of Customer Intelligence

Customer stories

“AIM insights successfully provides us with in-depth analysis that responds to all our needs and address our queries in a very analytical manner. Responding to our eagerness to be ahead of the game when it comes to our customers digital needs, we constantly need reliable speedy insights to enable us to make smart fact-based decisions.”

Shaheer Farag

Managing Partner

Customer stories

“Global tools have always fallen short when it comes to Arabic language accuracy and this has been a persistent problem for us. However, AIM Insights successfully delivers highest accuracy as well as the right level of agility which serve our customers’ most crucial and complex needs.”

Cherry Nabawy

Consumer insights Director


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